Connecting Patients to Health & Wellness Services

Health Care When You Need It

We believe patient care improves through easily accessible, world-class service, and education. TeleNurse Network helps organizations provide nursing care to patients with chronic illness.

TeleNurse Network provides access to care that is in accordance with the Institute of Medicine (IOM) mandates. The telemedicine industry is newly developing and dynamic through the use of internet connection and a webcamera. It is an industry of vast growth and potential, which is becoming a leveraging force in the field of healthcare, specifically in wellness and preventative care.

TeleNurse Network’s mission is to provide timely access to quality healthcare with experienced providers via the modality of video conferencing, also known as telemedicine. TeleNurse Network seeks to drive down the cost of health & wellness services by providing efficient, patient-centered care that reduces the burden of illness, injury, and disability, thus improving the health and functioning of the people we serve.TeleNurse Network targets individuals who may benefit from services that include: rural and underserved communities, corporations, facilities, educational institutions, and all other entities that are challenged with the ability to access quality, cost-effective health care.


  • Increase access to Health & Wellness Care via video conferencing for non-emergent issues.
  •  Remain in your local community and avoid long distance travel.
  • Improve health outcomes (reduced mortality rates, reduced complications and reduced hospital stays); obtain initial screen over the phone!
  • Cost Effective! Reduced healthcare costs! TeleNurse Network cost far less than an in office healthcare visit!
  • 100% electronic, you have access to your electronic health record; your information is not shared with anyone!

How We Will Help Hospitals, Institutions, and Doctors?

TeleNurse Network provides a multi-specialty care team of dedicated nurses ensuring quality clinical support, education, medication management, and more. Our strategy allows institutions to efficiently and proactively manage At-Risk-Populations decreasing adverse events and re-admissions.

High-Risk Patients

High-Risk patients account for 50% of healthcare costs. TeleNurse Network provides the clinical support for continuous care, frequent education, and virtual visits offering clinical oversight of patient’s health and wellness monitoring used outside the conventional hospital/Homecare/SNF setting.

At-Risk Patients

At-Risk patients account for the majority of your patient population.  Many of these patients may have a chronic condition but are considered healthy. They require basic engagement, including reminders, and tracking of basic health activities to assure that they remain on the right path.Reduced post-operative co-morbidities with access to specialty nursing care.

How It Works

About Us

While still working in the nursing field, Marisela developed TeleNurse Network with the goal of connecting patients to nursing services and reducing barriers to care. Ms. Cigliuti spent over 15 years in hospitals including Hackensack University Medical Center Health System, Mount Sinai Health System, and Hospital for Special Surgery. Her experience includes Stroke/Neurology, Endoscopy, Operating Room, Quality Management, and Same Day Surgery.  In response to a growing emphasis on community preventive care, Marisela started a Health IT business to provide Telehealth specialty services and wellness care to private and Medicaid/Medicare patients.  Recognizing a deficit in specialty providers, Marisela decided to create TeleNurse Network to blend her healthcare and clinical nursing experience addressing the challenges in today’s healthcare environment. “My passion for nursing has always been a central driver in my life,” said Marisela. “I look forward to advancing the nursing profession with the use of technology to help improve the care we deliver to patients while decreasing healthcare costs.”

Educational Background: Bachelor’s degrees in Health Care Management and B.S. Nursing from St. Peter’s University.