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TeleNurse Network Offers a Comprehensive Telehealth Solution

TeleNurse Network allows you to video chat with Board Certified Health Providers & Wellness Educators from home or anywhere you need care. Our experienced professionals can answer clinical questions, make recommendations, and even prescribe basic medications if necessary. We provide on-demand quality healthcare that is convenient and affordable.

Ask our healthcare providers how you can register for our Wellness Education and Support Groups. These services are designed to restore acutely illness and manage persons with chronic conditions. We help regain and maintain maximum health and independent functioning.

Healthcare On-Demand

We offer a range of specialty healthcare services including initial evaluations, re-assessments, chronic care management, mental health SBIRT assessments, medication compliance, and crisis resolution. Reduce hospital re-admissions with more continuous and collaborative monitoring, getting the patient on the right treatment faster, while reducing costs, mitigating excessive services & resource expense.

Chronic Care Management

TeleNurse Network works with health plans, community centers, hospitals, and surgical centers to manage members with a variety of health challenges. We supply services to members who face barriers to specialty care providers. Our services help members get the care they need to achieve and maintain control of their chronic conditions.

Post-Acute Care Management

Care Management enables a multi-disciplinary care team to provide more consistent care for high-risk and at-risk populations while working within the scope of their practices. We provide services to patients with advanced and chronic illnesses, regardless of care setting.

Trainings and Workshops

Collaborative providers conduct on-site and online preventative care & wellness workshops. We design & implement wellness educational workshops with the latest disease specific strategies.

For Businesses

TeleNurse Network helps you keep your employees happy and healthy by providing access to efficient and cost-effective healthcare and wellness services.

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